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Nevada Health Link Plans, the Nevada Exchange, and ObamaCare Health Insurance aren’t cheap. The Affordable Care Act was designed to make premiums more affordable for individuals and families that aren’t offered health insurance through their job by giving them an advance on your taxes called an Advanced Premium Tax Credit. We use Healthcare.gov to submit a preliminary tax return to the government and tell them what you expect your income will be for the coming year. You then are given some additional money to help purchase your insurance based upon your income. We can only purchase certain plans with this government money, though. If you are doing well financially and not eligible for these funds or just don’t want to deal with it, you can still purchase health insurance plus you have even more options! If you are offered health insurance through an employer, you are not eligible for the tax money, but you are always more than welcome to get your insurance. We have found that family members benefit the most from buying their own policies as typically the employee portion is the one the employer subsidies.

Tax penalties.We can explain them to you, but Turbotax does a lot better job in the video below regarding tax penalties for not purchasing health insurance from the exchange, Nevada Health Link or Healthcare.gov

The Reality of Shopping for Health Insurance: Don’t Shop for Price!In Nevada, there are 20 important insurance companies with over 200 plans to choose from, each selling their product through thousands of brokers and agents. Many of these agents aren’t even located in Nevada and would have trouble finding us on the map! Most brokers out there will try to sell you a low cost, high deductible, low benefit plan on the “best price”, a great deal. However, under Nevada law, all insurance plans for the same person and coverage must be priced equally, so everyone gets the same price!

Staying Healthy Costs Money (& That Wrong Plan Can Be More Expensive)Healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate, and the results can seriously impact your life. Last year, 42% of all bankruptcies were due to medical bills, and 78% of those medical bankruptcies were insured but obviously not on the right plan (learn more). Getting on a good plan is healthy for your life and your financial well-being! Look up insurance plans now…

What to Look for From Your Health Insurance Agents? Do they know your name? A good insurance broker is focused on your individual and family health insurance needs, not their commissions! They will find you the best plan for your unique situation and listen to you, not sell the plan of the week. A great agent will go to war with the insurance company when there is an issue as your advocate, fighting for you. You are a person, not a number from a website, so demand the service you deserve!

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  • Knowledge of Local Docs Need help finding a great doctor? We know the area and the people.

Nevada Benefits is your Las Vegas-based, affordable, independent insurance and financial services team. Get your health insurance quote right now, call us at 702.258.1995 (Vegas) or 775.329.1995 (Reno), or email us today to get insured tomorrow!

Need more information. Check out our team here.  Need Dental Insurance? Check out our Individual Dental Insurance Nevada plans. We also offer a variety of financial services for Las Vegas residents to include Wealth Management.

Here’s some more information about healthcare exchanges.

Individual Health Insurance FAQS

What is health insurance?
Health insurance is contract agreement either between your employer and the insurance company or between you (buying your insurance) and the insurance company. The agreement comprises the health insurance company to pay all medical expenses (routine checkup, in cases of illness or accidents) based on the terms and condition of the signed coverage in exchange for paying an appropriate fee on a regular basis. Approximately 198.8 Million individuals in the USA are insured with private health insurance while others are sheltered by a government program like Medicare and Medicaid. On the other hand, based on United States Census Bureau, there are still 48 Million Americans who are not insured as of the year 2012.

Do I need a Health Insurance?
Nowadays, treatment either from a clinic or a hospital is very costly. According to the US government, an individual who has a broken leg pays not less than $7000, not to mention the days wherein a person needs to stay in the hospital that would cost from $5,000 to $10,000 per day. Without the health insurance, a lot of individuals will experience a financial breakdown. An insurance company guarantees their clients that in times of hospital care, there is money available to pay the medical bill.

What is deductible, a copayment and coinsurance?
These are medical fees that need to be settled from your pocket before the insurance company comes in. The deductible is the first amount you must complete every year depending on the detailed health insurance plan coverage. The copayment, on the other hand, is a minimum payment to the clinic or hospital for medical service, while the coinsurance is a like a share of a fee that you need to pay for every service that you have received.

What is Affordable Care Act?
The Affordable Care Act or known as Obamacare is a law that set the bar for health insurance to be affordable and improved for all Americans. It was signed by President Obama in March 2010 for a purpose of expanding the health insurance coverage for Americans who are not yet insured. The law mandates an individual to have insurance or pay a penalty and to monitor the policies of insurance companies that charge more or refusing to accommodate a person who has a pre-existing illness.

I have a small income. What are my options?
The Obamacare’s health insurance, an individual who has low income, may qualify for minimum cost insurance. A person may receive subsidies and allowed to be exempted from paying the penalty. Medicaid is also an option for individuals who have no or little income.

What is the qualification for Obamacare subsidy?
The requirement is based on the earnings per year. For those individuals who are earning between $11,500 and $46,000 may receive the “advance premium credit” that lowers the monthly insurance bill. This discount allows a person to decide how much money to put in the insurance monthly. Moreover, for a family of four members that earns accumulatively $23,550 up to $94,200 without an employer may take advantage of the premium discount.

What is a state health insurance exchange or Marketplace?
One of the Obamacare’s health insurance priorities is to help a person and small businesses create an available and effortless inquiries online about certain health coverage that suits their budget. The process is available in all federal states including the District of Columbia which provides information if a person is qualified for the tax subsidy or the federal health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

How can I be exempted from the penalty of not having insurance?
For those individuals who do not have insurance, a penalty must be settled. On the other hand, persons with the following situations may be exempted.
• Uninsured for less than ninety days
• Low-income individuals who cannot afford the health insurance
• Qualified to have the Medicaid program
• Member of religious groups who disapproves health insurance process
• A contributor in health care pastoral care

How to avoid the Affordable Care Act penalty?
You don’t need to pay a penalty if you are insured to the following health care programs:
• Veteran’s health program
• A member of Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s health insurance program (CHIP)
• Peace Corps Volunteers program

I do not have a health insurance before. How will the marketplace works?
The state’s marketplace is where all health insurance offers their services from hospitalization, emergency and therapeutic services, diagnostic examinations, preventive benefits, prescription medicines, mother and child care, mental illness and substance abused treatment. You can inquire online, and compare all the advantages and competitive prices which you can offer.