Group Insurance

The Basics of Selecting Group Health Insurance: Small Businesses Edition A business is only as strong as all of its employees. That is why small business owner should use these four tips when selecting appropriate group health insurance: Don’t settle for less Everyone wants to get the deal, the best “bang for their buck” or the largest discount available. When purchasing group health insurance, small business owners will want to play conservative and lean towards inexpensive plans. However, choosing any product solely on low cost may not be in the buyer’s best interest from a quality and customer service standpoint. Small business owners must take into account factors beyond price when selecting group health insurance for all of their employees. Cover all your bases Most individuals will not boast about their medical bills with joy. For this reason, a business owner must consider their employees and their needs. The type of plan and monthly premium to deductible ratio are vital components. Choosing between an HMO, PPO, or EPO can impact the savings of a company’s employees when dealing with medical expenses. Another deciding factor is the age-old debate of higher premium/lower deductible vs lower premium/higher deductible debate. Identifying the right plan can be the difference between spending minimal cash to maintain health or completely crushing a family’s monthly budget. Don’t just accept the terms and conditions, read them! Like any contract, there will be fine print and group insurance is no exception. Some insurance providers install cap limits on types of insurances they cover and some carriers will exclude specific conditions like maternity, etc. Small business owner want to ensure that all text be reviewed before finalizing the deal. Fully reviewing the overlooked details can also be of incredibly importance for a company if their employees live in various states …

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Individual Insurance

Need Health Insurance? Qualifying Events can Help! April and May are beautiful months for new life, butterflies, trees and flowers. However, it is not the ideal season for enrolling in health insurance. This year, November 1st is the beginning of “Open Enrollment”, a timeframe for individuals to freely shop and select a health insurance plan. Spanning over a three-month period, Open Enrollment comes along once every year with no exceptions. However, what if you’re in need of insurance now? You may be in luck as there are special circumstances, known as “qualifying life events,” that may allow you to sign up for coverage outside of Open Enrollment. Be sure to mark your calendar this year as Open Enrollment will last from November 1st to January 31st. Whether you’ve had a career change, become a parent or relocated to a new state/country, one or more of the various qualifying circumstances may apply to you. Life happens and considers these qualifying life events for gaining health coverage:     Qualifying Event Definition Suggested Documentation Loss of Employer Loss of employment, due to termination, reduction in hour or coverage no longer offered – Termination letter from employer – Current and previous pay stubs supporting reduced hours – Letter from employer stating no longer paying for insurance – COCC (Certificate of Creditable Coverage) – Renewal Letter No Longer a dependent Loss of employer or individual coverage because no longer eligible for coverage Carrier letter that documents loss of coverage, i.e. – dependent age maximum reached Change in Family Status Loss of coverage due to divorce, death, etc. Copy of divorce decree, death certificate, etc. Marriage   Addition of new dependent as a result of  marriage Marriage License or Domestic Partner certificate Birth, Adoption or Placement of Adoption Addition of new dependent as a result …

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June Jumps Into Summer – June Nevada Benefits Newsletter

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October newsletter

Our October newsletter has arrived! Check it out. october-2016-newsletter

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Office Space for rent

We are now renting out offices at affordable rates to small businesses in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, NV.

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