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Frequently Asked Questions

A thorough eye evaluation is necessary for detection and prevention of any eye problem. Vision insurance plan will allow you not only to maintain your eye health but keep you from any health problems that can be detected through your eyes. Furthermore, the vision insurance will cover any eye treatments such as vision correction.

The benefits from vision plans may vary depending on the type of coverage that you acquire. Even the kind of services and materials for frames and lens may differ. By logging in to your account or talking to vision insurance expert, you may learn more about the essential assistance that you can get from your eye protection plan.

No. Regular eye exam is more of preventive measures while contact lens exam is about checking the size of the lens, the vision grade of the contacts and if it fits your eyes. In a regular eye exam, certain problems may be detected. It is necessary to get a routine eye check-up to have a healthy eye sight. In contact lens examination, your optometrist needs to make sure that the contact lens correctly fits your eyes since this may cause a problem later on.

No. The vision insurance is not under the Obamacare, but it provides a pediatric vision care benefits. Adult eye coverage is not included in the Affordable Care Act, but everyone is encouraged to get a vision insurance for any eye problem prevention and treatment.

There is vision insurance plan that is flexible, especially during difficulties such as hospitalization, a layoff and any leave of absence from work. Some companies provide packages or extensions. Inquire and talk to any vision insurance today.

Most private health insurance has eye vision insurance and getting a personal leave may or may not affect your eye insurance. There are insurance companies that provide flexible plans to their members.

Adding dependents are encouraged by most vision companies because members can pay less and save more. Moreover, the dependents may stay until they reach 26 years old.

There is an insurance company that provides ID for their members, and there are insurance businesses that identify their member through their social security last four numbers.

There are eye clinics that need member verification, so they ask for any ID. Some clinics do not require any identification because they have already the lists of members to a particular insurance company.

The in-network providers are ophthalmologists and optometrist who are affiliated with your insurance company. The doctors in in-network provider provide eye services with the lower amount depending on the coverage of the plan. On the other hand, the out-of-network provider is the doctors that are not related to the insurance company. Though you may still acquire eye services from the out-of-network providers, you need to settle the full amount. Some vision insurance company may grant refunds for out-of-network provider, but some are not.

Generally, for in-network services, each member can avail the eye examination, specs, contact lens and other essential eye services. You may find the services that you may avail from in-network providers to your insurance directory.

Verifying the benefits before using the out-of-network provider is wise. Talk to an eye insurance expert for more information.

Most of the in-network providers allow this type of method, especially if there are no available materials where you had the eye examination. Most of the vision plans are flexible when it comes to choosing the area to get the eye services and where to buy the items such as eyeglasses or contact lenses.

All eye insurance provides contact lenses to all their members who needed it. Most of the eye insurance (depends on the plan) have the so-called contact lens benefit allowance that is intended for contact lenses purchases. On the other hand, before buying a contact lens, your doctor will need to conduct the Contact Lens Fitting (CLF) exam for proper contact lens measurement for the lens to carefully fit your eyes. Some insurance plan set apart this service from another eye service, meaning you have to pay the examination up front. Some insurance company deducts the CLF to contact lens benefit allowance.

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