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Most Americans Are Missing a Las Vegas Life Insurance Safety Net. You need life insurance when the unexpected happens to pay the mortgage, debts, college and child expenses, replace lost income, and to maintain your family’s lifestyle, but most Americans put it off. 

Looking at recent statistics, 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance protection, and only 44% have individual life insurance. Among households with children under 18, 7 in 10 would be in financial trouble if a primary wage-earner died today. 25 % of U.S. households rely only on group life insurance purchased through work, but this can be lost with unemployment or work hour reduction, and most are underinsured in these policies.

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Even if You Are Covered, Stop Overpaying for Las Vegas Life Insurance. If you have it, are you overpaying for your life insurance? Many people are. Life insurance policy rates have dropped a stunning 30-40% in the past five years and declined 16% from 2009-2010 alone, so now is the time to shop if you are already insured (learn more or get a quote and purchase your life insurance online now).

What to Look for From Your Las Vegas Life Insurance agent who can help? 80% of American households currently do not have an individual & family life insurance agent and many agents sell nationwide. You should find a locally-based life insurance agent that will help you select the right, affordable plan, an agent with the best rates and a local partner that will support you if there are issues with the insurance company. A good life insurance agent will monitor the prices of life insurance with hundreds of top-rated companies to find the best deal because premiums can differ for the exact same coverage among different life insurance companies by hundreds of dollars. Purchase your life insurance online today!

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