Group Retirement Accounts

Who Will be Guiding The Las Vegas 401(k) Administration for Your Group & Business?

401(k) Plans Matter to Your Current and Future Employees… & Are Getting SimplerA group & business 401(k) administration is an expected benefit for the best employees you could hope to hire. Your business and your employees decide how much to save each pay period, and this amount is automatically invested into a growing retirement nest egg, pre-tax. If your business chooses to pay some plan expenses, they are tax-deductible, and there may be a tax credit of $500/year for the first three years. Today, the vast majority of 401(k) plans on the market are very similar, as the industry is moving to static plan offerings (versus “creative” custom funds) due to new federal legislation since 2008. Contact us today to learn about the new class of easier-to-manage 401(k) solutions.

401(k) Myths to overcome many companies fear to switch to 401(k) plans, and it is not just the paperwork that appears daunting. Many believe that there is a 30-day “blackout” period with no access to 401(k) funds, but this is actually only two days and of little concern. Switching your plan should be easy with a trusted, competent advisor minding the details. Additionally, there are often no costs or fees associated with switching 401(k) plans when the current fund is valued at more than $700,000 in your group, so don’t get stuck with high fees that are avoidable. No matter the fund size, outsourcing 401(k) administration will reduce your salary and benefits costs, along with the headaches, saving your company real dollars over the long term.

New 401(k) Legislation Puts Burden on Employers and Makes Outsourcing SmarterThe United States Department of Labor is now planning to enforce a new law and new regulations on employers that place fiduciary responsibility on a corporate representative for 401(k) plans. This legislation requires more reporting and exposes a business to individual lawsuits from employees! Ask us for details on the new laws and how they will affect your 401(k) planning.

What to Look for From Your 401(k) Advisor PartnerMost 401(k) brokers service clients nationwide and thus offer terrible service, especially once you have signed up – you are a number to them. They may be selling payroll solutions with higher commissions and are not dedicated to your fund’s success. You need a trusted, local advisor to help you identify your employee’s retirement goals and select a 401(k) that meets today’s budget and tomorrow’s plans. Get help navigating literally thousands of different products to find what works for your unique business and employee mix. Let us evaluate your plan, measure your exposure, and uncover opportunities for cost savings.

Why Choose Nevada Benefits?

  • Independent Advocate We work for you, not financial companies, so you always have a broad range of fund choices!
  • Free Financial Fitness Review Call us now at 702.258.1995 or 775.329.1995 or email us – we will assist with presentations to employees, conduct a free analysis (see this example PDF), and share our findings with your employees. Make it a fun Lunch-n-Learn!
  • Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and MBA We also have licensed brokers and insurance agents on staff.
  • Reduce Exposure Avoid the impact of brand new legislation and possible litigation by outsourcing 401(k) administration to us.
  • Value and Reduced Cost As we are independent of the financial companies themselves, we offer a wider selection of 401(k) solutions to match your budget and goals. 
  • Technology and Financial Knowledge We partner with leading companies so you can track how your fund is growing with the latest technology, and our team is always here to explain reports and results.
  • Free Help, Awesome Customer Support Our staff will assist with financial planning and make your day better – click on the link in the top right corner of this page to chat with us now!
  • No Paperwork Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course, there are documents to complete, but we will fill in the details and make it painless.

Nevada Benefits is your local, affordable, independent insurance and financial services team. Request a Free Financial Fitness Analysis for your company today, call us at 702.258.1995 (Vegas) or 775.329.1995 (Reno), or email us for 401(k) administration that works!