Disability Insurance

In Las Vegas, Individual & Family Disability Insurance Could Come in Handy When You Least Expect It

What Would You Do If You Could No Longer Work Due to Disability?

What will you do for income when sick or hurt? What about during pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy? What would happen if you were a truck hit you and you survived? Who would by your mortgage payment? What about your car payment, groceries and your other bills and debts? You can rely on your family and friends, but that only goes so far, and Social Security is very difficult and time consuming to apply and qualify for.

Disability Happens More Often Than You think disability is much more common than most think: over one in four of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they reach retirement. There are currently over 36 million disabled Americans,12% of the total population, and more than half of those disabled Americans are in their working years. On average, there is a 21-24% chance that you will be disabled for three months or longer in your career, even if you are a non-smoker and lead an active lifestyle (learn more). The statistics make us all take another look at the real risks of disability.

Financial Impacts of DisabilityThere are many horror stories about the loss of income from a disability, but foreclosures tell the tale better than anything. More home foreclosures happen due to even a short-term disability (3-6 months of disability) than any other cause… There is no way to get around the loss of income from disability and the damage and pain this can cause for you and your family. With the right individual & family disability insurance, you can continue to meet financial obligations with security and peace of mind, and no evidence of good health is required in most cases. Contact us to get a disability insurance action plan in place now!

What to Look for From Your Disability Insurance Agent

You need a trusted, local advisor to help you select disability insurance based on your life and the future risks you may face. It is not a pleasant subject, so wouldn’t you rather talk with someone face to face, learn about the options, and develop a plan for success? There is a better way!

Why Choose Nevada Benefits?

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