Medicaid Redetermination- How to keep your doctors?

Are you currently on Medicaid and up for redetermination?  On April 1st, 2023 Nevada Division of Insurance started sending out redeterminations packets. Click HERE for more details. Perhaps your Medicaid carrier is Anthem and you don’t want to lose your in-network providers in the case you no longer qualify for Medicaid.  Good news…  You don’t have to! 

First, access your account with Medicaid online to make sure your contact information is up to date and to complete the Redetermination Packet.  If you do not have access online, you should’ve received a Redetermination Packet in the mail.  You can complete the packet and mail it to Medicaid. 

Should you receive confirmation that you no longer qualify for Medicaid, reach out to us, Nevada Benefits Corp., so we can assist you with picking the Anthem plan through the Marketplace that best fits your needs.  For more info, click HERE!  Below are some perks that some of the plans may offer.

  • $0 plans available in select areas, based on income
  • $0 preventive care, virtual care, and commonly prescribed drugs
  • Smart Rewards program offers gift cards for completing healthy activities
  • Whole health support through dental and vision coverage options

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