Health Insurance “Robo” calls in full season: Be aware!

I thought “robo call” season was over with the election for now! Welcome to open enrollment “robo call” season! We’ve personally received several calls and opted-in to hear what they’re offering. Be aware and cautious! We heard several “stretches of the truth,” to put it nicely. They tried selling us a plan through an “association” with a $100 fee attached, the plans didn’t comply with the Health Care Reform, had limited benefits, and when we asked to check out there website and email us details they said they didn’t have a website and wouldn’t email us quotes until we actually bought the insurance. Not a way to do business.

We searched the internet for these “insurance agents” and found that they had 1000’s of complaints, multiple lawsuits, and even the Attorney General, in a handful of states, has gotten involved.

Here’s how the call went down:

The man on the line said he was calling from the “National Health Enrollment Center” and he wanted us to buy a short-term health plan, available from up to 37 different insurance companies for “around” $300 per month. A “Cadillac Plan” he called it, because it was “just so good.”

What he was actually offering as our broker dug deeper and persistently asked questions was a bridge plan, with month-to month coverage. Our broker then asked for something in writing to overlook via email before he signed up, with an exact amount and what he was paying for.

“Obamacare prohibits me from sending you anything in writing,” he stated. This is untrue. If an agent refuses to send you information or carefully go over a plan and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting, run.

“Well, what about a website so I can look at it online?” The “agent” on the phone replied,

“We don’t have a website, sir. We don’t need one, that’s how good we are.”

Sure. It’s not surprising that the National Health Enrollment Center has been the subject of hundreds of consumer complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and also why we filed a complaint of our own. You should as well, if you ever get a robo-call from this company.

If you want to be on the National Do Not Call List, you can register with the National Do Not Call Registry, or call 1-888-382-1222. You have to call with the phone number you are registering.

Things to ask if you are choosing an insurance agency, and how to filter out the fakes…

  • Are they licensed in the state of Nevada?
  • Do they have a local office that you can go visit, and sit down face to face with an agent?
  • Will they email you the different plan options with details?

Nevada Benefits has been in the industry with amazing reviews for over 24 years now! We will not scam you, and will always strive our best to find the best plan for you, and explain all your options. Our team would love to assist you if you have any questions or concerns both about a current policy, or helping you get coverage.

We are available if you have ANY questions about the up and coming open enrollment season.

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