Starting or Auditing A 401k For Your Business

A recent report noted that over 40% of business owners did not read or were not fully explained about their 401k fees in the past year. Over 30% said they are not at all familiar with all their account fees.

Is your business interested in setting up or auditing your existing 401k for your employees? At Clarity Council Financial they have partnered with Betterment to provide 401k to the Las Vegas Market.

Here is a little bit more information on understanding what a 401k is and what fees there maybe. More information at Betterment.

You may also contact the Financial Advisor of Clarity Council Financial, Phillip Randazzo to review your current 401k and setting one up for your company if interested. Most, if not all audits, have resulted in more than 20% findings in over paying for fees and expenses which result in tens of thousands in more money in your account over the years.

Phil will walk you through the entire process of setting up a 401k for your business. Please contact Kristie at (702) 258-1995 to schedule an appointment with Phil.

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