Tim’s Tutors in Town

Tim’s Tutors moved into the Nevada Benefits Building at 9505 Hillwood Avenue, just off Town Center and Summerlin Parkway this spring. Tim’s Tutors was founded by Tim Prunyi in 2011 and has been helping students ever since. Tim and his team help students of all ages get their grades up in all subjects. While Tim’s Tutors is headquartered in Summerlin, they make house calls all over Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. Tim’s Tutors even offers personal online tutoring for students who are traveling or live outside the valley. Tim’s Tutors is famous for its money back guarantee. This guarantee empowers parents to give their children the best opportunity to succeed. Tim’s Tutors also offers free study plans to all families that want to help their kids get their grades up.

One of the most exciting things about moving to the Nevada Benefits Building is that Tim’s Tutors will have a new location for their free Study Skills Workshops. These workshops are designed to help the whole community improve their grades. The whole team at Tim’s Tutors is excited to be part of the family at the Nevada Benefits Building. Nevada Benefits provides affordable health insurance to Nevada residents. Most of the businesses that call the Nevada Benefits Building home are in the financial sector. These businesses include accountants, financial planners, and real estate investors.

The Nevada Benefits Building is also home to the nonprofit organization American Dream U. American Dream U helps veterans like Mr. Prunyi find their dream jobs and build their own companies. It was through American Dream U that Mr. Prunyi became aware of the Nevada Benefits Building. He not only took the free Entrepreneur training from American Dream U, but he helped update several of the courses. Phil Randazzo, the founder of American Dream U and president of Nevada Benefits welcomes other veteran owned businesses to come work out of the Nevada Benefits Building.

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