Vision Insurance for Las Vegas, NV. 

Encourage Healthy Living in Las Vegas Through Adequate Individual & Family Vision Insurance. We have the 411 to Keep You 20/20… or Close to It! Glasses, frames, and contacts, along with prescription changes and checkups, can get very expensive very quickly. We will get you enrolled in a quality plan from VSP Choice Vision Plans via individual & family vision insurance.

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  • Save up to 70%   We monitor over hundreds of companies to get you the best rate humanly possible.
  • Independent Advocate,   We work for you, not insurance companies!
  • Escape Clause   Cancel your order in ten days if you are not happy.
  • Get Insured Quickly  Call us now at 702.258.1995 or 775.329.1995 or email us to get the process started and completed quickly.
  • Licensed Broker and Insurance Agent   We also have MBAs and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff.
  • Free Help, Awesome Customer Support   Our staff will assist with quotes, applications and make your day better – click on the link in the top right corner of this screen to chat with us right now!
  • No Paperwork   You wish!  Of course, there are documents to complete, but we will fill in the details and make it painless.

Nevada Benefits is your local, affordable, independent insurance and financial services team. Request your vision insurance quote now, call us at 702.258.1995 (Vegas) or 775.329.1995 (Reno), or email us today to get insured tomorrow! 

We can help you navigate the Nevada Health Insurance Exchange.  There is no reason to go it alone through the process.

Let us guide you the entire way and help you get covered.

If you need dental insurance, we can help you find cheap Nevada Dental Insurance you’ll keep for years. 

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