10 Reasons why you should consider working in our Summerlin office space!

  1. Team – We believe any team’s dynamic is positively influenced by working in the same space together. 
  2. Choice & Flexibility – This isn’t a conventional office, you have 24-hour access to the building. You can come and go as you please. 
  3. Variety & Network – We have a variety of individuals and services all currently working in the office. 
  4. Work-life balance – Work closer to home and have more time to do what you love with your 24-hour access. 
  5. Efficiency – Working face-to-face with your colleagues can help you to work agile, faster, and more efficiently.
  6. Design – Our office is an open layout with offices and a conference room. You can practically do anything in our Summerlin co-working space! You can hold classes, meetings, or events the list is endless.  
  7. Services – Our office comes as a full package – high-speed Wi-Fi, cleaning, utilities, and much more comes included.
  8. Cost – Our Summerlin executive suites/space is a affordable solution, never nickel and dimmed.

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