Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Good? A Review From A 3rd Party

Still have lingering thoughts about Blue Cross Blue Shield? There might be a heap of questions about the gigantic insurance system that insures one in three Americans. 

Laura, a licensed broker, spoke with us recently about her thoughts and remarks on Blue Cross Blue Shield. Overall, she praises their health care coverage and highly recommends it. 

A great strength of the health plan is its comprehensive coverage of types including PPOs, HSAs, HMOs, and even FRAs and HRAs.

Suppose you reside in Nevada and you are considering acquiring Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan as a small business owner or an individual…..

Nevada Benefits only sells Blue Cross Blue Shield to groups, not individuals.

That being said, contact our team of health professional experts to get started with your Blue Cross Blue Shield group plan application process.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Reviews:

According to BestCompany, Blue Cross Blue Shield has a rating of 3.5 and an overall score of 6.1. They listed their key pros including:

  • Good customer service
  • Wide coverage of plans offered
  • Mobile app 
  • Etc.

Another plus is its enormous state availability. BestCompany asserts that BCBS is available in 50 states, and over 90% of doctors and hospitals in America accept their insurance. BCBS insurance is accepted at 96% of hospitals and at 92% of doctor’s offices.

Whereas Consumers Advocate (a trusted source of reviews and recommendations) stated a rating of 4.5. They concluded after a thorough analysis of the health insurance company:

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-established company with strong financial ratings. Wide acceptance among health professionals, comprehensive coverage and discounts on medical treatments makes Blue Cross Shield an excellent choice for health insurance.

Fair to say, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a good health insurance coverage due to a majority of positive reviews.

How Much Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cost Per Month?

The cost of BCBS group health insurance plan depends on the size of the group. It is proportional to the number of employees.

Additionally, there are other dependable factors such as plan type and plan name.

You can contact us for full in-depth information about monthly rates and plan schemes for group coverage.

Can Blue Cross Blue Shield Deny Coverage?

Getting denied health insurance coverage is a nightmare for many of those who need their health needs securely met. Even worse, companies that provide quality plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield can deny coverage.

The rationale behind the coverage can be legitimate or disputed. The common reasons include:

  • Treatment is outside of network
  • Experimental treatment
  • The treatment was deemed not medically necessary

When you get denied from BCBS health coverage, always find out the reason/s behind it because you can set up an appeal process if you think you can contest the denial. Anthem Blue Cross which operates in Nevada, has an appeals team which reviews submitted appeals and renders decisions.

The process is outlined:

  1. Filling out an appeal form
  2. Providing mandatory information such as name and policy number, supporting medical documents, and reasons for disputing the denial
  3. Your appeal will be reviewed by an administrative panel
  4. A decision will be enacted in 30 calendar days
  5. If denied, you can contact an external body to re-appeal
  6. Or you can contact an Independent Medical Reviewer

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