CAUTION: Calls From “Insurance Agents” Selling “PPO’S”

Beware Multiplan, USHealth, United HealthCare, National PPO

You may have already been contacted by an “Insurance Agent” regarding the purchase of a Multiplan or Full Coverage plan or National PPO with United HealthCare or USHealth?

BEWARE of these aggressive Insurance Agents and policies! As open enrollment is vastly approaching on November 1st, we ask that you stay vigilant.  They won’t check to see if you’re eligible for a subsidy or any assistance from the state or government to help keep your premiums lower.

We been at this for over 28 years and we’ve seen clients and others in the community get SOLD plans that have NO maturity coverage, NO mental health coverage and NO Alcohol and Drug rehab PLUS possible pre-existing conditions.

Deciding on what health care coverage you need can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Amongst those options you may be approached to purchase a very enticing and “cost saving” insurance plan, called a Multiplan.

These types of plans are portrayed as a low-cost insurance policy for individuals. Many of these individuals believe they are purchasing “a really good insurance plan with no deductible and $0 copays”. 

You may not even know you’re a victim until you go to file a claim and are informed your plan is no longer in effect or your claim will not be covered as initially promised by the Insurance Agent or better known as “Ghost Broker”. These Ghost Brokers will collect premiums for deceptive policies with no intention or ability to pay claims. They may also provide consumers with documents that look real.

The National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) states consumer should be aware of the following signs:

  • An agent or broker using intense sales pressure tactics, such as urging a consumer to buy a policy immediately, otherwise the price may change. 
  • High commission products. 
  • The premiums from one company are more than 15-20% lower than other companies’ comparable coverage.
  • A company’s contact information is not readily available or is difficult to track down.

To avoid becoming a victim of a one of these plans, consider the following tips:

  • Stop, Call and Confirm! 
  • Before purchasing coverage verify the business is legitimate and check reviews from consumers. 
  • Call your states insurance department and confirm if the insurance company exists. 
  • Confirm and verify the agent is licensed.
  • Beware of cash only payments as method of payment.
  • and is authorized to sell insurance in your state.

If you have been sold one of these products and are having issues or would like to review your current plan to find out if it is a Multiplan, we offer complimentary plan reviews to customers.

Call us now at (702) 258-1995 or Set up an appointment to review and shop healthcare options: Schedule Appointment Here!

For more information directly from The National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), visit them here or read more on insurance tips.

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