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Pearly Whites Require Upkeep! No one likes going to the dentist, but if you need that tooth filling, dentures, whitening or just a good old fashion cleaning, good individual & family dental insurance is the only way to go. We will get you enrolled in a quality plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Morgan White Dental, or Madison Dental.

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The one insurance everyone knows they are going to use is dental insurance. This can be a big strain on both the dental insurance carrier and also you. The whole entire concept of insurance is for a lot of people to pay the insurance company money every month and the insurance company then in turn only pays out a small portion of that money towards claims for services. When looking for dental insurance in Las Vegas, you are probably looking because you have work that needs to be done and you really don’t want to come out of pocket for those big expenses. So you get to looking around at different health insurance plans and realize the dental insurance companies don’t want you to use their insurance right away. What jerks! Well, they aren’t really jerks, just shrewd business people who understand that people who wait until the last minute to purchase insurance probably won’t stick around long enough for them to make any money. Imagine if everyone who purchased dental insurance was purchasing for the same reason you are. You pay your scanty $30-$50 and then expect the insurance company to pay hundreds of dollars on your behalf to the dentist. Does this make financial sense? 

The reason for the waiting periods isn’t because they want to collect 6-12 months of premium from you for the dental insurance, it is because they want to make sure that you take care of your ailments first and then get on a regular teeth maintenance program so you don’t have to use the dental insurance. This is why all of the plans cover the basic cleanings and x-rays from day one. They want you to go in and have the regular routine maintenance to take care of your teeth. 

There are a few exceptions to these rules when it comes to dental insurance though. If you get insurance through an employer they typically don’t levy the waiting periods because they have enough people signing up to offset the costs, they also know that groups tend to be committed to keeping the health insurance as they have multiple people reliant upon that coverage. You can also purchase a dental HMO dental insurance. These plans use smaller lists of dentists and utilize this small this to leverage better rates for its members for work that needs to be done. The insurance won’t typically pay much for services outside of the basic cleanings and X-rays on these plans, but they will give you a very competitive copay for services and things such as cavities, root canals, braces, bridges, etc. You can use these benefits as soon as the coverage starts because the insurance company doesn’t have to take a huge financial hit on you. 

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