Just lost your Medicaid eligibility?

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Losing medical coverage can be a frustrating experience, but there are several options available, especially in Nevada where Medicaid plays a critical role in providing healthcare assistance to eligible individuals and families. Understanding these options can help alleviate some of the stress and worry associated with losing health insurance coverage and ensure continued access to essential medical services. At Nevada Benefits, we’ve been helping thousands of Nevadans navigate their options with just a few simple questions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Nevada State Medicaid options available after the loss of medical coverage:

    Medicaid Expansion: Nevada has expanded its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), allowing more low-income individuals and families to qualify for coverage. If you lose your existing coverage through Medicaid, you may be eligible to enroll in Nevada’s expanded Medicaid program if your income meets the eligibility criteria.

    Special Enrollment Period (SEP): Losing existing medical coverage typically qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period (QLE), during which you can enroll in a new health insurance plan through the Nevada Health Link marketplace. This period usually lasts for 60 days following the loss of coverage, providing an opportunity to explore and enroll in Medicaid or other insurance options.

    Medicaid for Pregnant Women and Children: Nevada offers Medicaid coverage specifically tailored to those who are currently pregnant and children, known as Nevada Check Up. Pregnant women with limited income and resources, as well as children under the age of 19, may qualify for this program, regardless of their immigration status.

    COBRA Coverage: If you lose your job-based health insurance, you may be eligible for COBRA continuation coverage, which allows you to continue the same coverage you had through your employer, typically for up to 18 months. While COBRA coverage can be extremely costly since you’re responsible for paying the entire premium, it provides a temporary safety net while you explore other options. COBRA alternatives are available and you can receive a side-by-side comparison with one of our agents here at  Nevada Benefits Health Insurance Plans – Call 702-258-1995 Speak with Las Vegas Health Insurance experts 7-days a week. We are standing by to help with your Group and Individual health insurance plans.www.nevadabenefits.com

    Medicaid Buy-In Program for Working People with Disabilities (MBI-WPD): Nevada offers a Medicaid Buy-In program for individuals with disabilities who are employed but have income that exceeds traditional Medicaid limits. This program allows people with disabilities to pay a premium to receive Medicaid coverage, providing essential healthcare services while allowing them to maintain employment.

    CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program): CHIP provides low-cost health coverage to children in families that earn too much income to qualify for traditional Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. In Nevada, CHIP is known as Nevada Check Up and covers children up to age 19, offering comprehensive benefits including doctor visits, dental care, and prescription medications.

    Medicare: If you’re 65 or older, or if you have certain disabilities, you may be eligible for Medicare, a federal health insurance program. Medicare consists of several parts, including hospital insurance (Part A), medical insurance (Part B), and prescription drug coverage (Part D). You can enroll in Medicare during specific enrollment periods, including the Initial Enrollment Period when you first become eligible and Special Enrollment Periods triggered by certain life events, such as losing other health coverage. We work with specialists who can help guide you through the Medicare enrollment process.


    In conclusion, losing medical coverage doesn’t mean losing access to healthcare. In Nevada, there are various options available, including Medicaid expansion, special enrollment periods (Qualifying Life Events- QLE), targeted programs for specific populations like pregnant women and children, COBRA continuation coverage, Medicaid buy-in programs, CHIP for children, and Medicare for seniors and certain disabled individuals. It’s essential to explore these options promptly to ensure continuity of care and financial protection against unexpected medical expenses.

    To receive a compressive, free comparison of your options and help enrolling in a Nevada Health Link option, please contact us for assistance. This is a time-sensitive process, so contact us today at 702-258-1995. Habla Español is available, please ask for Hilda.


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