Types of attractions in Las Vegas

This city is not only known for luxury, fine dining, shopping or gambling. The city offers a lot of activities indoor and outdoor that challenges you physically. Traveling to Nevada’s largest city will be one of the best tours you may ever experience because you will be exposed to everything. You can go on an adventure and connect to the natural attraction of the land, relaxing your bones with the exhilaration and stroll in the heart of the city at night to see the marvelous illuminated establishments. 

If you are up for a Physical Challenges, check out the following tourist destinations.

• Battle Field Vegas. The 5 acres inspired military base is for individuals who wants to experience a real battle. The Battle Field offers travelers to experience the one of a kind shooting with approximately 250 automatic guns and rifles available to choose. There are trucks, tanks and other military vehicles that you can try to drive, and even crush a car with it. This place is a field with military uniforms, vests and other protective gears that you can use during the shooting session. You will be assisted by a trained officer during the shooting, and guided accordingly.

• Lake Mead and Hoover Dam Biking. The experience that you will get in the Lake Mead and Hoover Dam is a bittersweet one. Though the road is friendly for beginners, the trail will give you a bumpy ride. On the other hand, after the challenges on the road, you will be rewarded with its marvelous view. You can explore the railroad tunnel with your family and friends and snap some memories.

• Indoor skydiving. If the sun hurts your skin, but you still want to go for an adventure, you can try the indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. The establishment offers an actual skydiving experience without the parachute or airplane, but a force of a vertical wind that moves upward. The strength of the air will give you a maximum non-gravitational experience.

For relaxation and calming tour, you can go to the following places.

• Red Rock Tours. A natural attraction that you can see when you are in Las Vegas with the use of the helicopter. You can even get a fantastic bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas. Seeing the red rocks will melt away all negativity, and leaves an overwhelming feeling that energizes your emotional and mental health.

• Grand Canyon Scooter Tours. On a limited budget? You can still, see the red rocks using a scooter. There are a lot of establishment in Las Vegas that offers a scooter rental. Get a joy ride with your family and friends, and experience the never ending fun along the spectacular view of the Grand Canyon.

• The Mob Museum. The museum is for investigative minds who wanted to know the real score about crimes that happened in the past. The museum was opened in February of 2012 and is situated at Stewart Avenue. If you like to go back in time and reminisce particular events that are curved in our history, this is the place that you can check out.

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