Working Owners & Sole Proprietors Insurance

Did you know that even though open enrollment is over there is a new option until Feb 28th, 2019 for individuals that are working owners and sole proprietors?

Read on to find out more, we can help get you started in one of these plans.

Through the Sole Prop membership, you now have access to the following:

  • A large group Association Health Plan, specifically designed to meet the health insurance needs of local Realtors and Working Owners.
  • Choice of four uniquely designed health insurance plans: One HMO, one EPO, and two HSA PPO plans.
  • The EPO and HSA PPO plans include in-network access to the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus provider network outside the state of Nevada. This is huge, as there are no individual plans available that provide in-network provider access outside of Nevada.
  • Vision and dental coverage available.
  • 18-month rate guarantee. The four plans and rates are locked until 7/1/20.
  • Free wellness programs included in all 4 plans.

Next Steps:

  • Who can enroll: Working owners, sole proprietors and 1099 employees (and their dependents) with an active business that has been established in Clark County, NV for more than six months. These working owners/sole proprietors/1099s must work and reside in Clark County, NV.
  • When can you enroll: The initial enrollment period for these plans runs through February 28th, 2019. Coverage begins the first of the month following receipt of your completed application. After this initial enrollment period, the next open enrollment period for these plans will be held June 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2019. This open enrollment period in June 2019 will allow you to add dependents not previously enrolled, change plans, add dental/vision coverage not previously selected, etc.

Contact us at 702.258.1995 to get more information or to get enrolled.

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