Having a Baby… Congrats!! Common Insurance mishaps to avoid.  

From a financial standpoint, before your baby arrives, take the time to look over your current life insurance policies. You now have more responsibilities to your new child.  And if you don’t already have one in place or you feel it’s not adequately funded, now is the best time to get after it! 

When you add a new addition to your family, you may need to add a new, safer vehicle and one with a great crash rating. You can check them out here https://www.iihs.org/ Check to make sure your car has a good baby seat setup. Super important for the safety of your child. Also, having a child can actually lower your car insurance rates, check with your agent!  

Anyone who plans to have children should have a good health insurance policy in place long before they start a family. It could be difficult to add yourself or a spouse to a plan to cover the birth. If you’re already pregnant and don’t have any current insurance, please contact us or a qualified agent immediately to see what options you may have. 

That means if you become pregnant and do not have health insurance, you must wait until Open Enrollment starts to be covered. If the enrolment period is too far ahead in the future, you could miss some important and critical prenatal care. However, once that child is born, they can be covered under the Qualifying Life Event rule

You will need to add the child to your health insurance plan immediately after they are born, so choosing a health insurance policy that offers exceptional family plan options is also something to consider. 

Reach out to a local broker at no cost to you for help with all of your insurance needs. They are there to help! 

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