New to Nevada?  Looking for something similar to Kaiser Permanente in Nevada?

It is widely known that Kaiser Permanente is the largest non-profit health plan in the US, headquartered in Oakland, California. Kaiser is unique as they combine health coverage and care delivery as a one-stop-shop, unlike traditional insurance. 

As many Californians are relocating to neighboring states many are new to Nevada. They are looking for Kaiser as their continued option. Kaiser has yet to make it to Nevada, however, there are comparable options that our new residents need to be aware of. 

So, what options do you and your family have when it comes to healthcare that follows a similar healthcare delivery system like Kaiser?  There are some similar options; you will just need to know what questions to ask.  Some examples are: 

  • Is there a managed care option on the Nevada Exchange? 
  • Which plans have access to a network of doctors within one location? 
  • Do I need a referral to access a specialist within my network? 
  • Which carriers will provide reminders for routine preventative visits? 
  • Are dental benefits included in my medical plan? 
  • What type of mental health benefits are included in the plan? 
  • How can I conveniently access my network of doctors, urgent care, and hospitals?  

Nevada Employer Plans’ top competitors have national networks such as Anthem BlueCross and Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare/Sierra Health and Life. Some of these options are available to individuals as well.  

We’re happy to do a side-by-side comparison to your current kaiser plan so you feel comfortable with your new plan.   

Anthem and UnitedHealthcare/Sierra Health and Life follow a more traditional model, as they are essentially the liaison between healthcare providers and members. These carriers negotiate rates with independent doctors, hospitals, and medical groups. This allows the members to have a larger network to choose from. 

Connect with one of our professionals to get the information you need for you and your family. 

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