I missed open enrollment, what are my options now?  

You may still be eligible to shop for health insurance. 

In order to apply for health insurance outside open enrollment, you must have a qualifying life event (QLE). If you have experienced a QLE you may be eligible for a “Special Enrollment Period.”  

What is a QLE? See below for the most common examples: 

  • Involuntary loss of yours or your spouse’s employer coverage 
  • A loss of Medicaid coverage 
  • Denied Medicaid when applied during open-enrollment 2023  
  • A recent move to Nevada  
  • A marriage or legal separation or divorce  
  • A birth or adoption of a child 
  • Turning 26 and losing coverage through your parents’ plan 
  • Gaining U.S. Legal Status 

If you have experienced any of these events within the last 60 days, you may be eligible. DON’T WAIT!! Whether you think you qualify or not, give us a call at Nevada Benefits, (702) 258-1995. Here, you will be connected to a local agent who can set you up with a plan that fits your personal needs and budget! 

If you have not experienced any of the previously listed events, we recommend you still call Nevada Benefits, especially if you’re self-employed with at least 1 non spouse full time employee. We have several agents who are here to act on YOUR best behalf to help you find the coverage you need!  

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