When does open enrollment end in Nevada??

When does open enrollment end in Nevada??

Although you have missed the deadline to receive a January 1 effective date, you still have time to enroll for February 1, 2023. What is the deadline for that? That deadline is January 15, 2023

We recommend you get in no later than Friday, January 13, 2023, to enroll, and submit your payment, and if you’re eligible for a subsidy, you will need to provide one of the following below. 

  • Proof of income could be in the form of W2, tax returns
  • 1040 SE with Schedule C, F, or SE or 1065 Schedule K1 with Schedule E (for self-employment income)
  • Recent Pay stubs.

Even if you currently do not have health insurance you are still eligible to enroll by this Jan 15, 2023 deadline.

What happens if you miss this deadline? You may be out of luck until the next open enrollment period, which will start November 1, 2023 for January 1, 2024 effective date unless you have what is known as a qualifying life event or QLE. 

What qualifies for this special enrollment period? The following is a short list. 

  • Moved to Nevada within the last 60 days, and this will require proof of residency. 
  • Loss of group insurance coverage through your employer. 
  • Involuntary loss of Nevada Medicaid.
  • Marriage/Domestic Partnership/ Divorce/ Birth.
  • Turning 26.

It’s extremely important to talk to a qualified broker who understands the ins and outs of how to apply for not only health insurance but also a subsidy if you qualify. Feel free to contact us at 702-258-1995 or you can try to navigate the exchange website at https://www.nevadahealthlink.com/.

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